Carol Stocki (b. 1982, Winnipeg, Canada) is predominately a painter, working with oils, acrylic, and mixed media.

A self-taught artist that started nurturing her style while living abroad, Stocki is ever-evolving, much in the same way as her pieces do. Often starting with just one small idea, each painting seems to take on a life of its own as soon as the brush hits the canvas.

Inspired by life's great contrasts, and her own sarcastic nature, Stocki's work finds the darkness in beauty and the humor in that darkness. Something that has influenced both Stocki's life and art is the strong female role model, and women's issues, this is evident in many of her pieces.

Stocki's work has been featured in magazines, on websites, and can also be found in many private collections and Canadian galleries.

All artworks are for sale unless otherwise noted. Stay tuned for upcoming exhibition information.

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Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 10, March 2011

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 13, August 2011

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 14, November 2011

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 21, September 2014

Pink Panther Magazine, Issue 24, March 2016

Cre8ery Gallery & Studio, Winnipeg - currently showing

Verve, Presented by RAW Winnipeg - November 2016

Pink Panther Magazine,  Issue 26  - April 2017

Pink Panther Magazine,  Issue 27 - September 2017

Airborne Art Project, Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, October 2017